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Behind this small finnish english springer spaniel kennel Ocean Pitfal is me Suvi Lindholm.
I live in a small sea town called Kotka. Sea and dogs has always been big part of my life.
I've had springers for over 20 years now. My first litter were born in 2003.
In 2012 our kennel club awarded me the highest award which breeders can
achieve in Finland - Vuolasvirta award. I was so honored to have one.

I think that my story is quite common. I come from a family of dog enthusiasts.
My father and grandfather were hunters with finnish hounds. We also had 2 "housedog" collies Sara and Ellu.
This breed has always been a dream of my eldest sister Kati. I dreamed of a cockerspaniel which I never got.
I was a teenager when I first time saw english springer spaniel and I knew right away that was going to be
my first own dog breed. With a little financial help from my grandmother I bought my
first springer and a dog of my life Vilma - VCH Hightide's Jodie Foster.

I got lucky as Vilma's breeder Mervi Nousiainen from kennel Hightide's was also very
supportive and gave me a lot of information about the breed and breeding.
Vilma was foundation bitch for Ocean Pitfal. She had 3 litters and for over 12 years she was gentle
and wise leader for my other dogs and the dog of my life. No one can top her.

A little bit too soon after I got Vilma, I also bought Sisko - MULTI CH Hightide's Kate Winslet.
Girls only had 6 months age difference, so Sisko never really got out of Vilma's shadows.
When Sisko were 5 she decided she is going to have a new family. She moved to be Aino's family pet
and lived happy family dog life for over 10 years in her new family. I am so Thankful Aino.

I have tried obidience, agility, tracking, friend dog activity and showing with my dogs.
These days only one is left - showing. It has stayed dearest to my heart for all these years.
I've also been member of Finnish springer spaniel clubs ESS breeding committee for over 10 years.

On my breeding I think it is very important to value health and happy temperaments. Ofcourse look,
correct construction and ability to work are also very important when I make my breeding plans.

When you buy Ocean Pitfal dog I truly hope that you will official health check this puppy (eyes, hips).
We together keep our breed healthy.

Over the years I have brought some springers from abroad. In 2005 my first imports were
Sointu and Solina. Sointu - MULTI CH Alfalex Flash came from Estonia and Solina -
Westaway Tea Time At Ocean Pitfal came from Norway. On 2008 I also bought 2 dogs - Tequila and Winston.
Tequila -
CH Tequila Sunrise Vom Springer-Clan came from Germany and Winston - CH Trimere
Thrill Seeker
from Great-Britain. On 2015 more imports arrived from Poland. Draco -
CH JCH Nostradamus Hebanowa Sfora and Jedi - CH JCH Lordsett Tomorrow Never Dies.
On 2017 arrived my Russian girl Liida - CH Foxberryhills Prime Time.

I have been very lucky as some of my puppy owners has also become very dear friends to me.
Some I also have many co-owned dogs with. THANK YOU ALL who makes my breeding still fun and
rewarding. Without you I wouldn't be able to breed with this extent.

Year 2017 brought a little welcomed change for my home. This little joy is called Byllerö.
Byllerö - Ingefall's Fudge Brownie is my little bostoninterrier boy. It is so much fun to start
something new with a new breed. He is so much different than springers. He is our little mascot.
I have no intensions to breed bostons. English springers is still breed I want to consentrade for 100%.

Beside Byllerö I also have 2 old springer boys on my couch at home:
- Simppa - MULTI CH Ocean Pitfal Orang-A-Tang
- Draco - MULTI CH Nostradamus Hebanowa Sfora

I also have to mention our late welsh springer spaniels Nasu and Tuuli.
Nasu - MULTI CH Dirlian Officially Olga and Tuuli - C.I.B Dirlian True Princess were my parents
dogs who I also showed. Nowdays my Russian girl Liida lives with my parents.

All Ocean Pitfal puppies are registered to Finnish Kennelclub, microchipped, checked by the vet
and proberly dewormed. You will have good feeding and caring instructions. If you are interested
to buy one of my puppies don't hesitate to contact me, I'm willing to tell more.

You can always ask for advice and I'll try to help you as best as I can.
I love to hear how my puppies are doing in their new families!

Contact info

48910 KOTKA, Finland
p. + 358 45 609 1245
kenneloceanpitfal (at) gmail.com

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